7 rare places only to be found in Slovakia

7 rare places only to be found in Slovakia
Slovak nature indeed hides many rarities. One of them is the natural oil spring in Korna. But these are not only of natural origin. In Slovakia, you can find numerous sights and artworks that cannot be found elsewhere in the world. In this article, we will tell you where to find them.

Natural megaphone

Do you like listening to natural sounds when relaxing after work? How about listening to it live and in perfect quality? In Eastern Slovakia, you can find a wooden megaphone that multiplies the forest sounds. All you do is settle inside and start listening to the bird songs and the rustle of the trees with great intensity.This idea came from four young members of the civic association. The construction of a nine-sided pyramid can concentrate the sound waves reflected from the walls to a single point where the sound is amplified. This can sound like a natural symphony orchestra!
7 rare places only to be found in Slovakia

A safe for love
Are you so much in love that you would like to lock it forever? This can be actually done in Banska Stiavnica, in the Bank of love. Banska Stiavnica is the place of a famous Slovak love story, immortalized in the verses of Sladkovic poem – Marina. The bank is formed from a tunnel of thousands of small boxes to store love memories. Each box is labeled with one letter to form the verses of the longest love poem in the world, and bring it back to life. The love verses are materialized and merged with your own stories to surround you with a unique atmosphere of love.To make it even more special, the bank is located in the original house of Marina, to whom Sladkovic dedicated the poem. Here you can see even the original manuscript and experience the atmosphere of love to the fullest.
7 rare places only to be found in Slovakia

Slovak orloj
It is not only in Prague where you can see beautiful Our orloj is the only in the world functioning on real solar time. You can find it in Stara Bystrica. It is special for its dial with astronomical data, which is a complex watch mechanism that must be designed for a specific geographical location, thus it cannot be a copy of any other astronomical clock. What is unique is not only the original astrolabe but also its design. This wooden architectural gem consists of wooden statues of our saints and bronze sculptures of the most influential Slovak personalities.
astronomical clocks slovakia

Kremnica Mint
This place is neither architectural, nor an artistic rarity. Nevertheless it is a very special concept. It is a mint that has been continuously operating up to these days since 1328. That makes it one of the oldest continuous enterprises in the world! It has been nearly 700 years that the Kremnica mint produces coins, medals, plaques, badges, awards or mayoral chains. During the world wars, there has been looting and bombing, but it still maintained to operate. Here the coins are minted for many countries in the world, and due to its uniqueness, it became part of the European cultural heritage.
kremnica mint slovakia

The mosaic of Madonna
Talking about coins, in Tatra region, you can find a unique coin mosaic of Madonna. Madonna is a symbol of help and hope, which can be seen also on old Slovak coins. Her portrait was inspired by the gothic period. The mosaic itself consists of 115 000 metal coins combined in three colours. The value of the coins reaches 10 million of Slovak crowns – our old currency.
7 rare places only to be found in Slovakia

Rio de Klin
In the Orava region, the village of Klin, you can find a replica of the world-known statue of Jesus Christ situated in Rio de Janeiro. The 10-metre tall statue is built on the top of the hill. From here you can enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding area.
7 rare places only to be found in Slovakia

Hobbiton and New Zealand farm
Eventually, in Slovakia you can find truly everything! Even a piece of New Zealand. In Modrova village you can see a real prototype of New Zealand. There is not only a hobbit village with typical houses on the green meadows but also a farm with Zeland animals that is regularly visited by Maoris, the original inhabitants. Here they represent their culture, traditions, customs and dance performances of their indigenous ancestors.  Here we are at the end with listing Slovak rare places that have no counterpart in the world and are definitely worth visiting! Which one appears most interesting to you?

7 rare places only to be found in Slovakia



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