Where to take unique selfies in Slovakia?

Where to take unique selfies in Slovakia?
In Slovakia, you can find countless places worth photographing, whether being natural or historical sights. Slovaks increasingly contribute to these places by creating new attractions, perfect for taking iconic selfies or memorable pics. This article will show you which photogenic places you should definitely visit to enrich your instagram or facebook 😉 .

Slovak Sahara

To begin, in the western region Zahorie is known for its uique cake , but there is a truly unique place called “Sranecke piesky”. It is the largest area of exposed soft sand in Central Europe, dating back to the alternating periods of ice and interglacial ages when the sand was brought by the wind from the Morava River. Besides the sandy area, you can also expect to see various biotopes such as Pontic-Pannonian oak forests, pine forests, and rare animals. In total, there can be found 19 biotopes of European importance.This place is not only photogenic for the richly planted trees but it also offers breathtaking views of the Lesser Carpathians and Plavecky Castle.


In the country of giants
To enjoy stunning natural views from the top, you can visit the village of Kláštor pod Znievom, with its giant bench called Gardeon. It is made of large wooden prisms with a weight of over 3,000 kilograms, a length of 5 meters, and a height of 3 meters. This massive gem offers  beautiful views, not only of the surrounding nature but also of the ruins of Zniev Castle. (Similar attraction can be found in Oravská Polhora, Pohanské, Sásová, Pata, Dolný Hričov, Poluvsie, Korňa or Ďurčiná.)

How about a giant chair? Near the village of Osadka in the Orava region, you can find a lookout tower in the shape of a giant chair with an interesting construction. In the upper part, there is a viewing area, which can be reached by a ladder, while in the down part you can enjoy wonderful views of Velky Choc mountain from a swing.
The way to the sky

To take a selfie in the clouds, you should definitely visit the meadow by the village Dubravica. There you will find a ladder that leads to the sky. This 4 metres high wooden attraction was created by the visual artist Matej Rosmany. It offers panoramic views of the beautiful central Slovak region. (safe to climb as it is sufficiently anchored in the ground)

Another stairway to the clouds can be found near Bratislava. Devinska Kobyla has a very atypical look and construction, with a shape symbolizing the fighting posture of a mantis. It contains three viewing platforms, while each offers a view of a different surrounding area. Simply a great place for unique pics!

Unique lookouts
In Slovakia, you will find a large number of lookouts with the very original architecture. One of them is Terchovske srdce (Terchova heart). This 30-meter-high pyramid tower was designed by a well-known artist Alojz Mucha, inspired by the gallows related to the story of our national hero.

Another original viewpoint to visit is the Zbojska tower built in Muranska Planina national park. Since it is built in traditional wooden architecture and surrounded by beautiful forests, it offers truly astonishing views. The building consists of a small chapel with a unique interior and an upper tower where you can sound the bell over the valley.

unique lookouts zbojska tower
But in case you don’t want to travel far from the capital, at the foot of the Little Carpathians, there is a wooden tower called Velka Homola, offering splendid views of the surrounding area.

unique lookouts homola

Finally, the last original viewpoint to mention is Hniezdo, meaning nest, which is located in Malinovo and truly thematic.
uique lookouts hniezdo

Popular swings
Would you like to enjoy the beautiful scenery while swinging? In Slovakia, you can find over 80 swings built on original locations offering stunning views and allowing you to take the best pictures.

Popular swings slovakia

How about returning to the past and taking pictures that look like from a different century? In Oblazy you can find old reconstructed watermills, where the wheel spins up to nowadays. In their times being very famous, here you can take very authentic and even nostalgic pics.

water mills slovakia

Finally, the latest trend in taking pictures is definitely photo-hearts. They are built in stunning settings to take the best memory pics. You can find them for example in Oravsky Podzamok on the bank of the river or near the Terchova viewpoint.
Where to take unique selfies in Slovakia?
Now you have an answer to the question: ” Where to take unique selfies in Slovakia?”



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