Medieval casino


Have you ever played a…

  • Rat roulette – a maze with numbers in which a rat coincidentally enters one of the numbered houses, while people bet on them. Croupier is a rat-catcher.
  • Dice – a complete game table on which a dice game is played. Everything is made of wood. You bet on a thrown number. A croupier is just like from the Middle Ages.
  • Carts – a table of cards with options of several card games. A replica of court cards is used and everything is overseen by a medieval croupier.
  • Shells and spells – a classic game of chance in which a little bead is sought under shells. The game is accompanied by a magician performing street tricks.
  • Wheel of Fortune – players shoot a crossbow at the turning wheel of fortune with different numbers. The highest number wins.

Three dancers in period costumes, three musicians, false players in their costumes and medieval bouncers who are very unhappy to lose put the finishing touches to the overall atmosphere in the casino.

Price: depends on the number of people in the group, catering and accommodation selected.


100 €

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