Fruitylicious Slovakia


Looking for the traditional and untraditional wine tasting at the same time? Do you want to explore country side? Well, so then there is not doubt that this tour is just for you.
This tour will not only seduce all your senses, but your knowledge of wine is about to grow as well. Slovakia is country of wines: rose, red wine, white wine, slum wine and etc.…nothing to surprise you. Have you heard of wines made of fruits? We will introduce you a world of fruit wines. Just imagine apricot wine which tastes and smells like apricot but still has elegant structure of wine. And what about rose hip wine, herbal wine, elderberry wine, plum wine? These wines and many more you can experience only with us in lovely Skalica region. We will be welcomed  at the farm by vintner dressed in a national costume as it is a family business. Afterwards the fruitylicious adventure begins. They offer different types of wine like dry, dessert to barrique or ice collection, more than 20 different types. Many of them are limited editions, for the connoisseur or people who love very sophisticated rare wines, which are not easy to find anywhere else.

min. 10 people
Price for transfer – depends on the number of people starts from 220€


47 €

Price included

explanation of sommelier

20-25 samples of fruit wines, small snack

English speaking guide

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