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Day 1
Arrival to Baku.
Transfer to the hotel, during the travel by bus you will receive basic information about Azerbaijan – culture, currency, restaurants, and so on.
Free time.
Spend night in Baku.

Day 2
Breakfast at the hotel.
Walking tour in the old city „ Icheri Sheher“, city fortification, main gate, „ Gosha gala gapisy“,  palace of Shirvanshahs, tower temple „ Gyz Galasy“/Tower of virgins, medieval spa, Karvansarai – craft workshops, shops with carpets and an antiquarian bookshop.
During lunch we will have a workshop to make your own traditional azerbaijani meals: kutaba, dushbere, uch baji (also know as three sisters – tomato, paprika and eggplant filled with minced lamb meat). Azerbaijani cuisine is really popular among tourists, who visit this country. Some foods you will encounter are: dolma, bozbash, bozartma, chikhirtma, pide, sashlik, and large amounts of pilaf, sea food, fruits, berries, nuts, vegetables that you have never heard about, herbs, spices, and unique sweets and beverages.
After lunch we will have a walking tour around Baku – we will get to know history and places in the city: We start at: „Fountain square“, square at Nizami Gjanzhevi memorial, than we will walk along a boulevard on the sea side, where the International center mugama is placed. After that we will visit Carpet museum, Little Venice, Baku Yacht Club, and then we will ride a special cable car which will bring us to Upland park, where you can enjoy beautiful view of Baku Bay. We will also see the Alley of Martyrs and the Alley of Mass Grave.
Free time.
Spend night in Baku.

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Day 3
Breakfast at the hotel.
Visit to the Gobustan and 3D museum, which is located 60km from Baku. There you will see Petrogliphs (prehistorical wall paintings). These prehistoric arts show culture, pictures of the world, and habits and traditions of old Azerbaijanies.
During the drive to the city, we will visit the Bibi-Ejbat mosque, which is located on the banks of Baku Bay. There are many important individuals burried, for example the offspring of Mohamed.
Lunch at fish restaurant on sea bank.
After lunch we invite you to join us for a visit to the winery „Fireland“ (Vineyards of country of fire). Here you will enjoy an enchanting view of the vineyards. Local wines like matrasa, saperavi or rkaciteli can perfectly emulate the world recognized wines like chardonay. Salt, sea, local ground, oil – all of these influence the wine´s taste. You will be able to enjoy wine tasting here.
Free time.
spend night in Baku.

Day 4
Breakfast at the hotel.
After breakfast we will go for a trip to the Abseron peninsula. Azerbaijan has been named the „Country of Fire“ because of this Caucasian land, located on the coast of Caspian sea, which is known for its huge oil and natural gas deposits . Under the ground of Azerbaijan is so much natural gas that it sometimes uncontrollably escapes to the surface. You can find many places where gas is leaking and even the smallest spark can cause fire which burns until all fuel is spent. In times of paganism Azerbaijanies were worshipers of fire. When people randomly found fire they thought that God was talking to them, so they started to worship the fire. They built altars and temples dedicated it and one of the most popular places in Azerbaijan is the „Eternal Flame“ called  Janardag.  It´s a hill where a fire has been burning for ages. Flames one meter high are burning from the ground up to ten meters wide.
Janardag is famous all around the world. It is located 30 km from Baku, on the edge of the village of Surachany. This territory is famous for its unique burning flames and gas leaks (when gas meets oxygen, it kindles). The temple on this hill was made by an Indian Sikh community, in 17th-18th centuries. But the history of this temple is much longer. A long long time ago this place was the territory of pagans – worshipers of fire.They considered fire a mystical force and they built the sanctuaries dedicated to it.
After lunch we will visit „Gala“ a historical-ethnographic state-protected area, that is 156 hectares big. Here you can find 5 mosques, 3 hammams (spa), 4 water reservoirs, houses, agricultural buildings, tombs, burial mounds, ruins of castles and many other sightseeing places from 3000 BC.

Gala 11538999_802161643215171_5231522298705562476_o

Day 5
Breakfast at the hotel.
After breakfast we will go from Baku to Shamakhi and Naftalan. During this trip we stop in a village called Maraza and we will visit a mosque and the mausoleum of Diri-Baba. In Shamaki we will also visit famous the historical Friday mosque and mausoleum Eddi Gumbez – Temple of Shirvanshahs. After this, we will continue to Naftalan – a famous spa, unique for its effects. Naftalan is the only place in the world, where you can find it special „healing oil“. Accommodations will be in hotel Garabakh Resort & Spa 5*.


Day 6
Breakfast at the hotel.
Oil bath.
Lunch in the hotel, after we go to Sheki.
Sightseeing tour around the city: we will visit the local medieval fortress, the Palace of Shirvanshah´s  Khans, local history museum, mosque, school and bazaar. During this tour you will be able to see local crafters and enjoy unique views of the city. We will go also to a local shop where they make sheki´s pachlava out of rice flour, sugar and nuts – it is the pride of Sheki. There is not a single person, who has been to Sheki city and not tasted this delicacy. The formula is a secret and even if you watch the preparation, you will be never able to make the same one.
Spend night in Sheki.

Day 7
Breakfast at the hotel.
Trip to ancient Kish, near Sheki, where one of the first churches in Caucas was build. During this trip we will cross the Azerbaijan-Georgian border.
Transfer to Tbilisi.
Accommodations in hotel in Tbilisi.
Spend night in Tbilisi.

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Day 8
Breakfast in hotel. Travelling to Borjomi.
Visit to the city called Gori, which is located between two rivers Liachvi and Kury. This is one of the most historical places in Georgia. The city was conquered several times, but they always built new ones on the ruins over and over again. One of the most interesting places in the city is the Museum of Stalin, who was born and raised in this city. They opened this museum already during his lifetime in 1937. The museum has three sections, each with different objects such as his presents for anniversaries, family photos, several documents and the death mask of the leader. Also, there is a house, where Stalin´s family used to live in one room together and a memorial car, which Stalin took to congress in Jalta in 1941 and to a congress in Teheran.
Afterwards we will visit Upliscikhe – a unique memorial, and old city fortress which was cut into stones. Essentially, it is a large complex of caves. This complex is first mentioned in literature from 1st century BC.
Return to Tbilisi.
Spend night in hotel.

Day 9
Breakfast at the hotel.
Stop in Mtskhete (second Jeruzalem) – a historic and beautiful city, where tsars used to live. Above Mtskhete is the 6th century monastery Jvari from which boasts with incredible view of the area. There are many ancient churches in Mtskhete. We will visit for example the Cathedral Svetitskhoveli from the 6th century AD, which is a holy place for everybody of orthodox religion. Inside this temple is the robe of Jesus Christ, in which he was executed. This place is interesting not only architecturally, but also spiritually. Close to Mtsekheta we will visit the home vineyard of Marani and a hospitable georian family, where we will taste wines and chachaa (Georgian brandy). Homemade wines – red, white and chacha – will be sampled. Sommelier is a vine-dresser and he will tell you about the tradition of Georgian wine making. You will also have workshop of Georgian cuisine here and we will prepare tasty traditional Georgian lunch.
Return to Tbilisi.
Spend night in Tbilisi.

mckheta jvari

Day 10
Breakfast at the hotel.
3-hour sightseeing tour of Tbilisi.
Tbilisi is like a huge magnet – it attracts tourist from all around the world and today you will understand precisely why. The spiritual center of this city harbors the largest orthodox temple in the Georgia – Sameba, which was completed in 21st century. In Tbilisi there are many memorials which are more than 1000 years old, but the oldest one is Anchiskhati – Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary. According to research this church was built in first half of 6th century by the order of tsar Dacsi.
Temple Sioni (12th century) is certainly interesting because of its architecture, but also as a sacred place, where  Catholic relics are stored. Near the temple there is a cross of St. Nina, which is made entirely out of grape-vine, and it is reportedly secured by hair of Nina. After this, we will visit a monument of contemporary art – Bridge of Peace and after that, we will take a cable car ride up to Narikala Fortress (Spirit of Tbilisi). From this fortress you can enjoy an astounding view.
Transfer to hotel.
Free time.
In the evening we will go to the restaurant with an atmosphere heavily influenced by Georgian folklore. Afterwards we will return to the hotel.
Spend night in Tbilisi.

lanovka narikala

Day 11
Breakfast at the hotel.
We will go to Kutaisi and we will visit the Bagrati temple, Gelati monastery and the Cave of Prometheus.
After the excursion we will have dinner.
Spend night in Kutaisi.

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Day 12
Breakfast at the hotel.
Free day.

Day 13
Breakfast at the hotel.
Transfer to the airport.


1395 EURO (price 6 people)
1205 EURO (price 10 people)

Price includes:
Transfers and transportation during the trip
all trips included in programe
English speaking guide
Accommodation in hotel in Baku with breakfasts – 4 nights, 1 night in Naftalan (full board + oil bath), 1 night in Sheki with breakfast, tasting and lunch in old city fo Baku
Lunch in fish restaurant
Wine tasting in Baku
Entrance tickets to museums in Baku and Sheki
Lunch and tasting in Georgia + chinkali and chachipuri
Cablecar in Tbilisi
Entrance ticket to Uplitsikhe and Museum of Stalin
Dinner in Georgian restaurant and folklore show
Accommodation in Tbilisi with breakfast – 4 nights, 1 night in Kutaisi with half board

Price does not include:
Flight tickets


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