Bojnice Spa lies in the very heart of Slovakia. It is a charming and peaceful spa resort that, thanks to a combination of its geographic location, climate and water composition, gives its guests ideal conditions for the natural curative treatment processes, regeneration, rest and tranquillity.
Healing treatment procedures in Bojnice Spa is based on natural healing hydrogen-carbon-sulphate, calcic-magnesium hypotonic thermal water with the temperature from 28 to 52 ºC which rises out of 9 springs with discharge of 40 litres per second from the depth of 1 200 – 1 500 meters. The thermal water improves metabolism and immunologic reactions in cells, function of issues, oxygen supply and thus the general health condition. The healing water positively influence on vegetative nervous system, particularly on its parasymphatetic part.

Locomotive organs diseases of
– rheumatic
– degenerative (arthritis, back aches)
– inflammatory (advanced athritis of joints, Bechter disease, post infectious arthritis)
– lumbosciatica
– scoliosis
– post injury conditions
– conditions after backbone and orthopedic operations

Diseases of a nervous system
– conditions after inflammations of the central and peripheral nervous system
– conditions after operations of the nervous system
– conditions after vascular cerebral hemorrage (stroke)
– sciatica
– vasoneurosis

– chronic female sexual organs inflammation, dysovarism, infertility, after inner genital tract operation condition, after abortion and extra-uterine pregnancy complications

Occupational diseases
– bones, tendons, muscles, blood-vessels and nerves diseases caused by working with pneumatic tools, working with vibrating tools, one-sided overload, noise, toxic chemicals

Kidney and urinary tract diseases
– non-tubercular kidney and urinary tract inflammation, kidney stones, after kidney/urinary tract/prostate operation condition, after kidney transplantation condition


1st category hotel offers single and double rooms with en suite bathrooms and balcony. Rooms has cable TV,  telephone with a direct dialing, refrigerator. Hotels has reception desk, elevators, canteen, café, complete balneotherapy procedures, parking, wifi.

– 30.04.2017
– 31.10.2017
– 20.12. 2017
Klasik Dynamik Klasik Dynamik Klasik Dynamik
1/1 57.00 € 72.00 € 67.00 € 81.00 € 57.00 € 72.00 €
1/2 49.00 € 60.00 € 55.00 € 69.00 € 49.00 € 60.00 €

Price includes:
Klasik: accommodation/person a day, full board, consultation with a doctor, app. 3 procedures a day
Dynamik: accommodation, full board, consultation with a doctor, app. 3 procedures a day, free entry into Water world for clients accommodated in Mier, Lysec, Lux, Zobor, Slávia and Kľak, or entry to exterior pool for client who are accommodated in Bôrina, Gabriela and Tríbeč.
Price excludes: city tax 1€/person/day