Do you know what does menhir mean? Do not worry. We are not trying to insult you. It is one of the interesting objects you can discover during our one day trip. We will go to the Skalica for a short city tour, next will be the castle with many interesting things for you to discover. By the way if you have a sweet tooth, you will love the workshop after –  you will make your own Trdelník (chimney cake). In the end we will visit beer factory, so prepare your taste buds for some wonderful experiences (beer tasting).

The tour starts in Bratislava. We will go to a town Skalica and Holic. 

Duration: 8 hours
Group price: 72€ per person (10 – 15 pax)
Individual price: 175€  (2-3 pax)
Individual price: 135€ (4-9 pax)
Price includes: guided tour, enterence tickets, beer degustation, cooking workshop + small present
Days: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday  or upon request
Beginning: 09:30 AM
Meeting point: Historical building of Slovak National Theater, Gorkého 132/2, 811 01 Bratislava

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