Unique accommodation in Slovakia


Unique accommodation in Slovakia and there are many other unique places to explore

Wildhouse -tree houses
Donovaly, Slovakia
Description: If your childhood dream was to have your treehouse now you can fulfill your dream or you can give a unique experience to your loved ones. Spending a night here means to be in the middle of nature where you can watch stars at night and enjoy sounds of nature. Each house is equipped with everything needed for your comfort. There is a dry toilet and it is even possible to take an eco-shower. We suggest spending 1-2 nights and we are sure you are going the way how the breakfast is delivered here! In a basket all you need to do is to pull the rope and a delicious breakfast is ready to be served.
unique accommodation slovakia unique accommodation slovakia unique accommodation slovakia








Traditional folk hut
Location: Bojnice, Slovakia

Description: Are you a fan of folk traditions? How about experiencing Slovakia in its origins in one of these tiny traditional houses? What is specific is that they are all based on one double room which you can enjoy with your loved one or in peace alone. Moreover, you will have a view on the splendid Bojnice castle. Sounds like a fairy tale? You will have your private bathroom, parking spot and there is a possibility to dine in a local restaurant with national cuisine. Here you can experience Slovakia to the fullest!






FoRest Glamping
Location: Stiavnica Mountains, Slovakia

Would you like to experience a real rest in a nature or have an adventurous family time? Choose one of the tents from two to six beds in the Slovak mountains. Are you coming as couple? Have a romantic time in a hot tub under the stars or enjoy true relax in a finish sauna. Are you rather an active type? Here you can find nice trails for hiking, swim in the lake, rent a bike or a paddleboard and prepare your dinner in a campfire. Moreover, you can add to your trip the flavour of history and visit the nearby UNESCO town- Banska Stiavnica. Although being in the true nature, you will find here all the commodities of modern life, including fast speed internet.
unique accommodation in slovakia







Oaktree house
Location: Modra, Slovakia

Description: Recharge in the Little Carpathians and spend your time among the trees. This house at an elevation of 6 metres is installed directly on 4 oak trees. The all-wooden hut includes a large terrace for you to rest under the sky, comfortable indoor space with kitchen, electricity, dry toilet and water containers, and also a parking lot in a fenced area. Here you can enjoy peaceful times, take an adventurous trip in the surroundings, or visit a cave and historical castles.






Fairy tale village
Location: Dolny Kubin, Slovakia

Description: If you love watching and reading fairy tales, here you can become the main character! This fairy tale village consists of several houses while each comes from a different tale. So whether you would like to feel like a hobbit, a princess staying in a tower or a witch living near the ginger-bread house, here you can make it real! Besides the special atmosphere, all these houses are truly comfortable equipped with all the necessities from a fire-place to wifi and you can enjoy your meal in a local restaurant. Each house has 3 to 5 beds, so it is an ideal place to be visited with your family, and let your imagination go.

Ranch under the sharp rock
Location: Slovak Paradise, Bratislava

Description: Do you love outdoor spaces, Vinnetou or horses? Or are you simply a romantic soul? This place offers a truly special accommodation that should definitely leave you with warm memories. Here you can sleep in a comfortable stagecoach, in a teepee tent or a beautifully carved wooden hut. Although very simple, this accommodation includes everything for your comfort including electricity, heating and outdoor sitting. You would have to share a bathroom, but where else can you find such a magic place? There are numerous services provided and you can even decide to discover the surroundings on a horseback. The best experience for a family or a couple!


Oaktree house with a hot tub
Location: Svätý jur

Description: This house has literally grown up from a tree. What makes it even more special is that it´s situated above the famous Slovak vineyards in Svätý Jur. After tasting the local special wines and visiting the wine route, you can rest up here among the trees. If you need even more, you can spend your time relaxing in a hot tub or making a barbecue on a terrace. The house is equipped with all including water and electricity and a special dry toilet with the view on our fertile lands. You can also decide to rent an electric bike and discover surroundings off this rich region with your loved ones.


Amade Château
Location: Vrakun, Slovakia

Description: If you are looking for something original, in this stunning château you can experience truly romantic time with your loved one or simply have a rest with your family. There are 20 luxury rooms and 10 suits, each of them decorated in a truly original style, creating a cozy environment. You can merge your experience with wellness and get a professional treatment in the spa or visit a quality restaurant full of delicacies prepared from fresh and local ingredients.

GrandCastle Château
Location: Liptovsky Hradok, Slovakia

Description: Would you like to feel like a queen or a king for at least one night? Here you can choose one of the quiet chambers or a spacious luxury apartment room. You can choose the room based on your requirements, from the basic stylish room through the room with a fireplace and hot tub to the apartment with its own music salon or a private terrace.  Besides that there is a spa with a jacuzzi and Finish sauna to provide you with an inclusive relaxing time.

unique accommodation in Slovakia Tripito unique accommodation in Slovakia Tripito






Bela Château
Location: Bela, Slovakia

Description: In this elegant, baroque style Château, you can give yourself a real treat. Choose one of the deluxe rooms or spacious suites designed into every detail and dive into relaxation while enjoying beautiful garden views. Experience the true culinary art while enjoying a glass of quality wine, treat yourself in a spa, visit a gym or take part in a yoga class. Here you can experience everything to enrich all your senses.

unique accommodation in Slovakia Tripito

unique accommodation in Slovakia Tripito

If you are interested in any of these unique accommodations, please, do not hesitate and contact us!




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