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The Spa Island of Piešťany is one of Europe’s largest and most unique spa complexes. Its curative waters comprise ten springs of thermal water containing hydrogen sulphide and 1500mg of mineral substances per litre. These waters have permeated the limestone for many centuries and have been naturally heated by the Earth’s magma to temperatures of between 67 -69ºC. The spa’s fame has grown since it was mentioned in a poem by Adam Trajan in 1642. Today the main spring is named after him. Symbol of Piešťany is man breaking his crutch, freeing himself of pain. The spa has attracted many famous people through the years, including Austrian Emperor Karol I, Selma Lagerlöf, composer Franz Lehár, Indian maharajas, Arabian sheikhs and film stars.


Hotel Thermia Palace 5*

Weight Loss program

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Accommodation, full board – special reduction diet, doctor examinations, medical report at the end of stay, laboratory tests, fitness, BMI and WHR check-up, up to 28 treatments per week based on doctor’s prescription

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DBL comfort room

155 €

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185 €

SGL comfort room

185 €

211 €

237 €

DBL deluxe room

170 €

185 €

206 €

SGL deluxe room

201 €

227 €

258 €

DBL suite


216 €

242 €

SGL suite

283 €

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376 €

DBL deluxe suite

227 €

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335 €

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* min. 13 nights, prices are per person per night
SPECIAL DISCOUNTS just for our clients – 28=25, 21=19 + 10%  discount whole year
28=25 stay 28 nights and pay only for 25 nights
21=19 stay 21 nights and pay only for 19 nights


This spa stay focuses on weight reduction combining nutritional balance with treatments for the musculoskeletal system that has been effected by weight overload. The recommended length of stay is from 3 weeks. Accommodation with full board:
special reduction diet, individual diet low on saccharides, with sufficient intake of proteins, low on fats and rich in fluid and vitamin supply;
mostly light, low-calorie meals from poultry, fish and white meats, with high content of vegetables, fibres and vitamins,enriched by natural nutritional supplements and a drinking cure
doctor and health examinations: (initial and final) with special emphasis on symptoms of obesity and related complications; localization of body fat; individual food intake regime; consultation with a dietary coach Consultation with a fitness trainer BMI and WHr check-up diagnostics and laboratory tests
Medical report at the end of the stay.
Healing treatments:
individual therapeutic program with up to 28 treatments per week (7 nights) based on guest’s health and doctor’s prescription treatments are selected from below:
Thermal bath (Mirror pool), Mud pool, Individual thermal mineral bath, Mud pack (2x per week), Group therapeutic exercise (daily), Whirlpool, Hydromassage, Underwater jet massage, Partial medical massage, Individual therapeutic exercise (2x per week) or Soft techniques with Ortho-Bionomic method (2x per week), Nordic walking, Scottish spray, Stepping bath, Carbon therapy (max. 2x per week), Electrotherapy, Oxygen Inhalation, Salt Cave, Personal fitness training (daily), Tractions

15. 01. 2017 – 04. 03. 2017 Low season
05. 03. 2017 – 01. 04. 2017 Mid season
02. 04. 2017 – 14. 10. 2017 High season
15. 10. 2017 – 25. 11. 2017 Mid season
26. 11. 2017 – 23. 12. 2017 Low season
 24. 12. 2017 – 13. 01. 2017 High season